Pete Swanson & Vessel Collaboration?


Along with new music from El Mahdy Jr. and Killing Sound, the most recent Young Echo Radio (a super spooky Halloween special of the podcast no less) featured a rough cut of a collaborative effort between Pete Swanson and Young Echo’s own Vessel. The pair no doubt met at the recent St. John Sessions in Hackney (they were both supporting Tim Hecker – a killer event about which I wrote a piece here on The Quietus), and the emergence of actual recorded music from the pair is pretty fucking exciting.

The music – which Vessel (hosting under the fiendish guise of Blood Vessel for the evening) was pretty adamant about chatting over, presumably to prevent sly samples being nabbed, sounds intensely promising (even in its unfinished state). Swanson’s been pedalling increasingly noisy drawn out beatkrieg this year, while Vessel’s gradually mastering the integration of IDM blips with ambient sensibilities. Both of their sets at St John this year were pretty clear solo mission statements, but this promising collaboration finds the middle ground amidst grimey noise, distant samples and syncopated rhythms Vessel even joked “sound like reggae”.

Fingers crossed it turns into a full blown release at some point. These are two of the best artists going, so check them out.

Follow the link, subscribe to the podcast, download episode 20, and go about 2 hrs 20 mins into the episode to listen.



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