LIVE REPORT: Omar Souleyman

Read my review of Omar Souleyman’s gig in London last week posted on The Quietus.

READ IT HERE (excerpt below)


“Precariously up on the tips of my toes, I’m peeking over the crowd, trying to grab a glance of tonight’s star attraction. But the view’s obscured by one of the dozens of fucking smartphones suddenly raised high up in the air in a vain attempt to get that ‘one perfect Instagram’. I give in and turn my gaze to the guy who actually went ahead, brought a tablet along (currently some 15cm from my face) and it’s all there. The sunglasses, the keffiyah, his hands aloft swatting away the crowd’s delight in time to the stubbornly persistent dabke 4/4, and his cries of “yeeeeeeeah” emanating from the speakers ridden with delay. Omar Souleyman’s in town.”

The below is perhaps even a video captured by the criminal audience member documented in the review….


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